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The almost swears in the Percy Jackson books bring me endless amusement okay

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So I was thinking about how much I want a Leo/Nico bromance in House of Hades, and how they both lost their mum at a young age, but


Frank’s mun was killed in the line of duty

Hazel’s mum was killed back in ‘42 when Hazel stopped that giant from rising

Leo’s mum was killed in the shop fire

Nico’s mum was killed by Zeus in a hotel bombing

Annabeth’s and Piper’s mums are immortal 

Don’t let anything happen to Sally, Rick. 

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We were twelve Percy. Can you believe that? {X}

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It is 4AM and here I am drawing Thalia Grace and marathoning Hey Arnold.

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[art] He could almost hear Nemesis laughing. I told you we could do business, Leo Valdez.
He had opened the fortune cookie. He’d gotten the access code for the sphere and saved Frank and Hazel. But the sacrifice had been Percy and Annabeth. Leo was sure of it.
“It’s my fault,” he said miserably.
The others stared at him. Only Hazel seemed to understand. She’d been with him at the Great Salt Lake.
“No,” she insisted. “No, this is Gaea’s fault. It had nothing to do with you.”
Leo wanted to believe that, but he couldn’t. They’d started this voyage with Leo messing up, firing on New Rome. They’d ended in old Rome with Leo breaking a cookie and paying a price much worse than an eye.

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